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Our goal is to provide medications at discount rates to everyone who is affected by expensive local prices. Our company is a professionally managed distributor of generic drugs. We provide high-quality service supplying drugs all over the world.

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Payment with Bitcoins & Shipping

Why we accept only Bitcoin payments?

Our pharm store is dedicated to providing quality medications in a safe and private way, while retaining your privacy. In keeping with that philosophy, we’ve chosen Bitcoin as the currency for transactions on our website.

Bitcoin is an anonymous currency because it is possible to send and receive bitcoins without giving any personally identifying information.

Buy Bitcoins with your Bank Account in the USA

We are excited to announce the ability for customers to instantly purchase digital currency using a US bank account. Previously, customers who purchased using a bank account had to wait several days before receiving their digital currency. Customers can now buy up to $25,000* and receive access to their digital currency immediately.

Remember wherever you buy your coins always after buying you need to transfer your coins to your own private free wallet per example ELECTRUM but there are also many others. From your own private wallet you can transfer the coins to whoever you like. If you not follow this, one day Coinbase will close your account.

Buy Bitcoin With A Credit Card


PAXFUL easy to use.



Good site to buy Bitcoin in Europe

If you have a bank account in the USA and want to buy Bitcoins with it, Coinbase is the site to use. This guide will help you buy coins in the USA using Once you’ve bought Bitcoin, you can spend it on hundreds of online vendors us.

Coinbase is good site to use in order to buy Bitcoin with your bank account.

Navigate to

From here you can immediately start creating an account with your name and email. Once you’ve verified your email, you will be able to log in.

Your user name appears in the top right corner, click it and go to account settings to verify your phone number.

You need to start by verifying your phone number. You can do this with standard SMS authentication to your phone, or via Authy, a great application which generates a code every 20 seconds. Click the link below your name and email information:

Even though Coinbase is for US customers only, you can choose a phone from any country in the world, convenient if you live abroad or travel a lot.

Once that is done, you need to provide some information to be able to use Coinbase, primarily your bank account information.

Click on the Buy tab on the left hand side of the page

Click the Payment Methods button to add a bank account.

Here you can see that I’ve already added my account. It took less than 3 minutes. Click link a new account to begin

Fill out the information.

Coinbase will then ask you how you want to verify the account. One way, which is instantaneous, is to give them your bank account log in information. They will test it to see if it works. If you don’t feel particularly comfortable doing this, remember you can always change your password right after (or right before if you really love your password). I chose this option to save time, and then changed my password after. This is only a one-time check.

You can also do the traditional deposit verification method. This takes longer.

Once you are finished, go back to the page and buy BTC. Type in the amount of BTC you want to buy.


Coinbase charges very low fees, making it a very good method to buy Bitcoins for use

Click Buy Bitcoin and accept the confirmation.

Once your Bitcoin purchase is processed, you’ll receive your Bitcoins at Click on the Send/Receive button on the left bar to finalize your payment .

How to buy Bitcoins with a credit card (Recommended)

One of the easiest ways for anyone to purchase anything is via a credit card. With the added security of your credit card vendor, you really can’t go wrong. Here is multiple trusted ways to buy bitcoins:

How to buy Bitcoins with a bank account

If you have a bank account and prefer to purchase your Bitcoins this way, there are a few sites worth noting., and all allow you to securely purchase Bitcoins via your bank account. work with banks across the world, making it a nice way to get started in buying Bitcoins. Their interface is easy to use, and Kraken has some of the best customer support you can find in the financial industry. Since USA banks are also acceptable with Kraken, this is an extremely flexible platform to use.

If you’re familiar with PayPal transactions, using Kraken is relatively simple. In just five easy steps, you can start buying Bitcoins in as little as five business days.

1. Go to
2. Sign up using their secure site
3. Link your bank account information
4. Deposit funds into the Kraken account
5. Once the deposit has been completed (typically 3-5 business days) spend your Bitcoins

Although this is not an instant method, it does offer lower fees when compared to purchasing Bitcoins with a credit card.

How do we send packages?

Our pharm shop cares about customers safety and security.We have a team of experts who ships world wide prescription medications discreetly. We pack the packages carefully with tungsten and carbon papers to skip through customs x-ray machines at airports. Parcels are beautifully packed with gift papers from outside.

We have dedicated customer support team that is available anytime to serve you. You can ask anything anytime and you will get response from our staff immediately (ASAP). Customer support may could be a bit delayed on Sundays. We process orders quickly to make possibly faster international deliveries.

What is the shipping time for International Air Mail?
Area Country/Area name
Air parcels
Asia India 8 days
Indonesia 8 days
Vietnam 10 days
Rep. of Korea Seoul 5 days
Singapore 4 days
Sri Lanka 8 days
Thailand 7 days
Taiwan 6 days
China Shanghai 7 days
Beijing 7 days
Hong Kong 6 days
Pakistan 8 days
Bangladesh 11 days
Philippines 10 days
Malaysia 7 days
Oceania Australia 7 days
New Zealand 6 days
North America Canada Vancouver 6 days
Montreal 7 days
United States of America San Francisco 8 days
Chicago 5 days
New York 7 days
Los Angels 6 days
Mexico 5 days
Middle East United Arab Emirates 6 days
Iran 11 days
Saudi Arabia 12 days
Turkey 13 days
Europe Italy 8 days
United Kingdom 6 days
Austria 5 days
Netherlands 6 days
Switzerland 6 days
Sweden 5 days
Spain 9 days
Denmark 4 days
Germany 5 days
Hungary 7 days
Finland 5 days
France 8 days
Belgium 6 days
Poland 8 days
Russian Federation 9 days
Africa Egypt 9 days
Ghana 9 days
South America Argentina 7 days
Brazil 9 days
Peru 6 days
How to buy Bitcoins with cash

Finally, for the more experienced user, cash will always be an available method of purchasing Bitcoins. There are a few peer-to-peer Bitcoin vendors you can use with being highly recommended. This site allows many to purchase or sell their Bitcoins worldwide (think eBay).

The platform is fairly simple and straight to the point. This accessible site allows you to narrow down the location you wish to perform your trade. Another exceptional feature is that you can review the rankings and reviews of traders before conducting business. This site allows for a variety of payment methods including:

  • International wire transfer
  • PayPal
  • Cash
  • Escrow account services

Since this site offers so many powerful features and is considered an advanced marketplace, it is for the more experienced Bitcoin purchaser. It does allow you to have your Bitcoins between one and three business days, and also cuts back on fees.

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